Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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I am usually a good diaper changer, I have had two plus years with Lexx and much more from babysitting and what not. Well, a couple days ago on one sleepless night I had a big problem! I was changing Maxx and about to nurse him. Well he had a little poop in there, so I wiped him up and started to get the clean diaper under him. Then he pooped, like projectile poop. This had never happened before, it got all over my arm, shirt and pillow. Like ALL OVER. It was bad, I had to wake up Justin and get him to take Maxx so I could go wash my arm, change my shirt and get a new pillow case. Maxx was screaming, hungry and not wanting Daddy. Oh the joys of nighttime feedings and diaper changes!!

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  1. That happened to us when we first brought her home! All over my bed too!